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Affiliate Policy

To enroll in the affiliate program, you must register as a TKNotes affiliate and be approved. Affiliate applicants are generally notified within 24 hours of completing their registration.

Once active, an affiliate may sign in and generate a custom link to any product on the TKNotes site. The affiliate is responsible for properly placing the link on the affiliate’s website. This link is coded with the affiliate’s unique identifier to ensure that accurate commissions are paid on that sale.


Affiliates earn 20% commission on any affiliate link resulting in a product sale. Commissions are paid on product sales only. Commissions are not paid on taxes.

TKNotes pays affiliates monthly by check or PayPal. The affiliate selects their preferred payment method during registration and may change it in their online profile at any time.

TKNotes is responsible for processing every order placed by a customer through affiliate links and for all customer service activities. Affiliates do not have resale rights and are not authorized to collect payments or sell TKNotes products from other websites.

TKNotes reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership for any affiliate at any time for any reason.

TKNotes prohibits affiliates from any kind of marketing abuse (either online or in person) to create sales.

Affiliates are independent contractors and have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on behalf of TKNotes.

The affiliate’s relationship with TKNotes may be terminated at any time by either party, at which time the affiliate will cease to use any TKNotes assets, including links and images.

TKNotes is not responsible for any expense or loss that the affiliate may incur while participating in the TKNotes affiliate program.

TKNotes may modify any of the affiliate program terms and conditions at any time.

TKNotes does not guarantee that a affiliate will be successful in the program. All affiliates operate as independent contractors and are responsible for their level of success with the program.

While TKNotes does its best to achieve reliable website operation, it may suffer errors or interruption in service and accepts no liability for resulting consequences.

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